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Since conception.....
BFAA has served as the Alpha And Qmega of farming discrimination Advocacy. 

Since 2002 BFAA began as the most instrumental organization to provide advocates knowledge and information required for its members.  We are the most qualified advocay to assist with your plight for justice.

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Black Farmers and Agriculturalist Association

The  "True Advocate" of the People of Color in Farming

Black Farmers and Agriculturalist better known as ""BFAA"" has served as advocate to those who incurred loss and damages due to discrimination by certain US government entities.  BFAA recognizes these injustices and works diligently to provide a reasonable means of restitution.

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If you are a descendent of a  relative who was a victim of this violation lawsuit you may qualify for restitution. 

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287 Madison Avenue, Memphis, TN, USA


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